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PBB '09-'10 FIC: "The Cutting Edge (WIP)" by taragel
Snow White
cybermathwitch wrote in pilotsbigbang
many apologies this one took awhile to get posted - totally my (the mod's) fault

Title: The Cutting Edge (WIP)
Author: callmeonetrack
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None/AU
Warnings: none needed
Summary: She’s fire. He’s ice. They just might be the perfect match.
Length: approx 20,000 so far
Betas and Cheerleaders: Big fat thank you to rayruz , thrace_adama , and aurora0811

Author’s Note: This is a crossover fic, transplanting many of the characters of BSG to the setting/premise of the 1992 figure skating romantic comedy, The Cutting Edge.

Prologue and Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

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No worries. I'm up to chapter six of twelve now:

Chapter Five
Chapter Six

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